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47 minutes of all of your favorite Christmas music, including the Chimpmunk Song, done in single, double, and three-part harmonies, all by MJ! This CD will become a holiday keepsake to bring out every year. $11 includes shipping and handling.

Contact MJ to use this CD as a fundraiser. Orders can be made with personalized labels for your group, business or organization. Order early! Price is related to base cost allowing a good profit for the fundraiser. Contact MJ@QandAwithMJ.com

Sample: Oh Holy Night
Sample: Jingle Bells
Sample: Hark the Herald
Sample: Chipmunk's Christmas

Download this CD in .mp3 / 192k for only $1.99! Download link will be sent upon completion of order.

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A Past Life Clearing Regression/Clearing Session for two hours: $333 recorded, available for download as an MP3 file.

A Current Life Clearing Session: Two hours: $333 recorded, available for download as an MP3 file.

A series of effective tips and tools to use daily to clear and clean away fears, stress, and anxieties: Two hours: $333 recorded, available for download as an MP3 file.


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If you have any questions concerning our online store, please contact us at Shop@QandAwithMJ.com. Thank you!

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Love God, Love Self, Love others, in that order.

Humor of the Day

I work as a pediatric nurse, and often have the painful job of giving shots to the children. One day upon entering the examining room to give a shot the little girl starting screaming "NO! NO! NO!"
"Jessica" her mother scolded, "that is not polite behavior!"
At that the girl continued to scream "NO THANK YOU! NO THANK YOU! NO THANK YOU!"